VR Traffic Car Racer 360 APK for Android





VR Traffic Car Racer 360 APK for Android


Game Description

Race through trafficVR Traffic Car Racer 360 is a game in which the driver has control of a car that can be used to drive along a highway. There are various levels that have to be completed in order to earn the necessary points and move up a level.There are various missions that can be completed. Each of them has a goal to be achieved.VR Traffic Car Racer 360 is a fun game that gives you the feeling of driving a real car along a highway. The game is very simple to play, and you dont have to go through a lot of the instructions to understand what you are doing.The controls are simple and easy to use. You can even adjust the steering wheel and the speed of the car to drive it in the best way possible.You are driving along a highway, and you have to use the various traffic lights that are in front of you to avoid crashes.There are various levels to complete, and you have to drive through the traffic lights in order to reach the level. You will get new cars and new goals to achieve as you go further into the game.

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100.000 Game Points = 1 Game Coin

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