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Harvest VR APK for Android


Game Description

Make your humble farm grow Harvest VR is a free virtual reality simulation video game wherein you can tend to your very own farm. This indie VR farming game is all about the hard work of growing crops and earning money to continue flourishing your farm. It features cute graphics and a relaxing atmosphere, as well as constant updates to its available gameplay mechanics. This game is compatible with Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, and can only be played in VR. Till your land Harvest VR is reminiscent of most farming simulator games, especially Stardew Valley and the Harvest Moon series. It has simple game controls that you’d find familiar if you play VR games but the best thing about this one is that it’s all about simply basking in the moment of nurturing plants and eventually harvesting them to gain money from your hard work. As a farmer, you can grow more than 15 different kinds of plants and crops. Once they’re fully grown, you can sell them to earn money and buy new tools and unlock home decorations. Aside from planting, you can do fishing and even cooking to pass the time. A day and night cycle is present and you can use lights to keep experiencing this virtual world under the beautiful stars. You can also choose between real-time gaming and a faster simulated time like in most farming games. The graphical environment of this game is simplistic and adorable, with a vector art style that will remind you of Human: Fall Flat and Totally Accurate Batlle Simulator. However, the game doesn’t have some iconic farming features, such as the option to start taking care of livestock like cows and pigs in order to earn more money. Has lots of potential All in all, Harvest VR is a lovely little simulation game for any fans of this subgenre. While it looks simple and doesn’t come with a lot of features that popular farming games already have from the get-go, its community of fans continues to support the developers in order to implement great changes that will make this game even better. This is a recommended title for VR players looking for a change of pace.

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